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About Us

DrawHouse is a platform for cloud home designing. It has been continuously partnering up with leading brands to satisfy consumers’ growing desire for personalization with its efficient and highly automated home designing solutions. Empowered by innovative core technologies such as cloud computing, AI, and big data, our 3D modeling and rendering functions have become effective and convenient tools for the industry.

Our cloud manufacturing system is a collaborative platform that connects designing and manufacturing, significantly increasing raw material utilization and boosting productivity.

We are dedicated to providing impeccable integrated solutions to support the home furnishing industry with technology innovation, and to accelerating business transactions in the global market.

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More than ten years experience on cloud design technology and home furnishing industry

Core Technologies

Cloud Design Cloud Manufacturing AI & Big Data

Service Platform

Design Gallery Brand Gallery Supply Chain

Strategic Partners

Softbank China, Red Star Macalline, Guangfa Xinde Investment and Alibaba Group etc

Our Vision

We strive to empower home furnishing industry, helping companies create new business models with our innovation in cloud designing and cloud manufacturing.

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